Website design service

We can talk about SEO, more businesses and profitability from now till momma calls but if you do not have a beautiful and yet functional website that works for you, your business will not be profitable. At least not from online sources. And that will be a BIG BIG mistake in today’s marketplace. We shouldn’t even be trying to convince you about going online. 

Anyway. If you are serious about your business, let us handle your ENTIRE website set up including but not limited to domain registration and maintenance, email and web hosting, copy writing, SEO, Google My Business set up and optimization etc. 

How much is it?

Our rates start from $750 one-time fee with a minimum of $30 monthly plus GST. You will find it cheaper elsewhere, we can guarantee that. And it’s okay to go for cheap.

However, if you want results and not just a “me too” activity that you show off to your friends and families in order to convince them that you are also in business, then treat this as a business. Give it every attention that it deserves and invest your dollars where it really counts. We have been doing this successfully since 2007 and our average customer retention period is 10 years. There must be a reason for that.