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Our journey is memorable, our story is a long one but we’ll cut it short.  We started out in 2007 as a side hustle, hosting websites, emails and selling domains to individuals and small businesses. We were very successful. Then our customers asked for more.

We listened. They wanted us to design their websites. And right away, we did. Oops! That was a lie. We didn’t. We didn’t even know how. Design what? So we went to town to find suitable solutions. Boy! What an adventure. But we figured it out. Eventually. We earned raving fans.

It didn’t take long before our customers came back again. You probably heard of Oliver Twist who asked for more? Yeah. Our customers did. This time, they said their beautiful websites were useless! That broke our hearts. Our tender hearts. So we reached out and listened. A lot. 

We got it – these clients had great products and services, very beautiful websites that represented their brands well…but no one reached out to them through the sites. Literally, no one knew they existed. Again, we didn’t know how but we researched, tried, tested, failed a lot and finally got it. Then their phone lines started ringing and emails flooded their inboxes. We had cracked the code to lead generation and since then, we never looked back!

We know some of you like stats. Numbers.

So here they are

We are used to it. Listening. And giving you what you want even when we don’t know how the first time. But that’s not the case here. Fortunately, we know what we are talking about – Our strengths.

We deserve a 100% in all these areas but to appear genuine to those of you who don’t know us, we’ll deduct some points. That way, the numbers can look real. Right? Wrong! But who really cares? Your visibility in your chosen niche and geographic location as well as eventual profitability is what will confirm our strengths. 

Hands-Off Leadgen
Do nothing 😉 lead gen. You pay, we send you quality leads. 97.5%
SMD Leadgen
We generate leads for you through social media campaigns. 93.9%
GMB Setup And Optimization
We list you on Google in a special way so you are more visible. 🙂 99%
Search Engine Optimization
We make your website more attractive to search engines. 98%
Business Citation
A key SEO factor that improves your local search results. 95.7%
Website Design
We design simple, beautiful and functional websites. 99.5%